Corporate information

Management Principles

We aim to be "a company that is expected to exist" by securing trust from our customers and society.

Corporate Information

Here is our company's basic information such as bases, employees, and other data concerned with company.

Global Site

You can see a list of our plants, R&D centers, and offices.

Product Information

AutoMobile Parts

Motocycle Parts

Agricultural and Construction Machinery

Other products

Technical Information

We pursue passionate manufacturing by innovative technology development and integrated manufacturing system. And we provie high quality and low cost products to our global customers.


Through manufacturing, we aim to realize a sustainable society harmonious with community and environment.

Honda Lock
vision 2030

We have a vision to harmonize high quality manufacturing with environment, and to become a worldwide company.

Acquisition of

ISO 14001 Certification
ISO 9001 Certification

We have been working on acquiring ISO140001 and ISO9001 in every site.