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We have the technological strength and human
desire to meet the changing needs of the times.
Let's connect our thoughts and see the
"continuation of the dream" for years to come.

President and CEO 
Noboru Takahashi

60 Years of Progress with Honda's Technology and Philosophy

In spite of its rural location, the competition is in overseas. Japan's modern industry is based off Miyazaki.

Founded in 1962. Honda Lock was established in Miyazaki Prefecture by Mr. Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor Company, with a strong desire to contribute to the development of the region by creating a modern industry.
Even in rural areas, distance is not a handicap if transportation is developed.
He foresaw the development of transportation as we know it today, and from the time of his founding, he had been working to globalize his business with a view to entering the world market, as he set the leading overseas manufacturers as his rivals.

Honda Lock, as the company name implies, has been with Honda since the beginning, focusing on manufacturing motorcycle keys (locks). Since then, the spread of two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles has accelerated along with economic development in Japan and abroad, and we have continued to grow while riding the wave.

Seamlessly complete development and manufacturing in house.

Dignity and joy for customers, employees, and everyone involved

"Respect for the Individual" and "Creating joy" - these two corporate philosophies have been very important to Honda Lock since its founding.
Soichiro Honda's concept of "respect for the Individual" is based on "independence," "equality," and "trust." "Independence" in the Honda Philosophy is not just self-reliance, but also initiative, which is the ability to live on one's own. In other words, based on one's own will, one should take the initiative and lead the way by oneself. In the process of reaching our goals, not only our skills but also our knowledge, ideas, and enthusiasm work together to contribute to the company. Respect for the individual, which acknowledges and affirms the existence of each individual involved, is a concept that Honda Lock places great importance on.

"At the same time, we also place importance on contributing to the world through our products.
In addition to the joy of creating and selling products, there is also the joy of using them by the recipients. Our "Creating joy" is to connect these elements as a single cycle and to coexist with society."

From development to manufacturing with a variety of technologies

Many technologies beyond imagination intervene in the process of completing any product.
The packaging of door mirrors, for example, is a concentration of various technologies, including structural technology, mechanical engineering, electronics, electrical, optics, as well as surface treatment technology, fluid technology, and analysis technology.
Honda Lock encompasses all of these technologies and has the "technology to mass produce" products. Honda Lock's greatest characteristic is its ability to connect "development technology" and "production and manufacturing technology for mass production," such as mold making technology, processing technology, coating technology, and even technology for creating process plans for production lines, to create a one-stop shop from development to final products.

The "Three Keys" that form the culture of Honda Lock

Expanding possibilities through trust with partners

Honda Lock has three growth strategies at the core of its management: "highly efficient production," "technology strategy," and "human resource strategy."
"High-efficiency production" leads to "securing profits." In order to "secure profits," we need to consider not only today's profits but also tomorrow's profits."Today's profit" is how we can achieve what we have planned without waste. On the other hand, "tomorrow's profit" is to further evolve and reform based on the idea of efficiency. By putting these two elements into operation, we can achieve highly efficient production.

The second, "technology strategy," can be seen as an effort to connect to the future. For example, Honda Lock's smart system can guarantee security in a limited space, and depending on the combination, new products and services can be created. We believe that we need to identify the strengths of our SAFETY, SECURITY and ENTRY technologies and invest in them aggressively.

In order to build a relationship of trust, we need not only technology, but also a sense of speed to be able to grasp the requests that come up during the conversation and provide the product the following week. Our goal is to create such a corporate culture as one of our "human resource strategies."

"Honda Lock's philosophy of connecting" people to people

To continue to be a company that we can be proud of.

The "Vision for 2030" is to establish a new Honda Lock brand. The most important factor in achieving this vision is "people."
"Employees of Honda Lock, whether in Japan or overseas, should feel the value of their work and take pride in it.
All employees can work with peace of mind and communicate the appeal of the company to those around them. That is the brand value that is unique to Honda Lock."

Expectations, significance of existence, and becoming a 100-year company

Companies are just like people, and to be "alive" is to be "kept alive" from another aspect.
It is important to be "expected to exist" and we must be a company that is expected by the world and society, as well as by our employees.

Play a role in a natural disaster relief support, volunteer activities, and other activities that fit the times. Furthermore, we aim to be a company that contributes to the world and society by generating profits from "joy" and "interesting things" through our products. In this way, as we move into the future, we will have the ideas and power to become a 100-year company.
A business that is "expected to exist" still needs "people" to accomplish it.

Let's connect our respect and see the "dream sequence" that lies ahead.

Collaboration with partner companies is one of the ways to connect us to the future, but it cannot be achieved through technology alone. It requires trust and "Respect for the Individual" that recognizes the other party as an individual. If we lose respect for each other, our business will not be successful, not only with our partners, but also within the company and with our employees.

With "respect" as the most important factor, we will connect our thoughts and feelings with our friends who can share them,"Continuation of the dream" beyond that point is what Honda Lock continues to create.