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01Environmental Vision

Vision for 2030

Pursuing high-efficiency manufacturing for the next generation on a global scale,
Contribute to environmental conservation through all business activities.

02Environmental Policy and
Action Guidelines

Environmental Policy

We at Honda Lock Mfg. Co., Ltd. value harmony with our local communities and the environment, and always endeavor to protect and improve the global environment in all our business activities, products and services, through mobility parts development and manufacturing.

Action Guidelines

  • ①We monitor the impact our business activities have on the environment, set technically and economically feasible environmental objectives and goals, and with our products in mind, continually improve our environmental management systems.
  • ②We abide by relevant environmental regulations and other requirements to which we agree, setting self-management standards for preventing environmental pollution, keeping in mind the need to coexist with our local communities.
  • ③We will actively and continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources, and manage chemical substances in order to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycles.

03Importance of
Environmental Initiatives

04ISO Certification

05Environmental Targets and

  • ◆Aggregation period:April 2020-March 2021
  • ◆subject:office
  • ◆For basic unit management, we use sales amounts that are highly relevant to the denominator.
  • ◆Regarding the reduction of water resources and waste, we will develop the reduction target management only for the total amount from 2021.

06CO2 Emissions from
Production Activities

07Water Consumption and
Waste Production

08Environmental Initiatives