Honda Lock Technology



Parts Procurement


Electronic Assembly

We have an integrated production line that covers the entire process from board mounting to product assembly of electrical components. The mounting process is arranged in a line with surface mounting (SMT) as the main line, and the assembly process is a U-shaped cell line that combines semi-automatic M/C and manual assembly to reduce waste and losses.


Resin molding


Mg casting

We are mainly engaged in the integrated production of steering lock bodies for 4-wheeled vehicles, from magnesium forming to processing using hot chamber die casting machines, and have 250-350 ton forming machines and robot processing equipment to meet various needs.


Final assembly

ESL is a functional component that locks and unlocks the steering wheel by electrically controlling the lock plate.
As they are important functional products, we manage the traceability of each part used.


Quality Verification

In addition to the performance inspection, we also use inspection equipment to check the operating noise during operation. In the appearance inspection, we check for scratches and damages, and also check the actual installation parts to guarantee quality.